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"We're your Brand Builders"

Sublimation Printing Gives You Unlimited Options


The End Result is Outstanding

Private Label Sublimation specialises in this ‘new frontier’ for decorated or illustrated apparel. It’s a highly popular and cost-effective method of printing that transfers a design into a fabric using heat and pressure. It allows designs to be printed on the whole garment - seam-to-seam. It’s perfect for printing logos, pictures and custom designs on t-shirts, polos, shorts, hoodies, jackets, fitness apparel, workwear, hats and so much more. You’ll be impressed with the finished look.

Sublimation works best on 100% polyester and as is the case with any performance fabrics that wick away moisture from the garment, body odours, perfumes, deodorants and after-shaves are all removed after washing, bringing the garment back to ‘fresh’ time after time.

Private Label Sublimation offers 11 Fabric choices and 3 Polo/Tee Sleeve options and uses a nano solution anti-bacterial/anti-microbial treated yarn before the yarn is knitted.

Unlike other brands who ‘dip’ their fabric after it is knitted, yarn treated anti-bacterial/anti-microbial is effective for the life of the garment. Dipped fabrics have an effective life expectancy of between 20-50 washes.

designer online

Want to design a t-shirt or polo? Click on our easy to use Designer Online app below.

What We Do

  • We design & produce your own brands/labels -your Brand Builders
  • We manufacture Men’s, Ladies & Children’s apparel and headwear
  • We have designers who can bring your ideas to life
  • We specialise in sublimation, cut & sew and combinations of both
  • We produce high quality custom clothing
  • We produce promotional apparel and indigenous clothing
  • We produce event, workwear, school & sports apparel
  • We distribute throughout QLD - VIC - NSW - SA – WA - TAS- NT & NZ
  • Prompt turn-around times

Want to design a t-shirt or polo? Click on our easy to use Designer Online app below.

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